Who We Are

Redwolf Foundation is a non profit martial art organization dedicated to the success of our students in whatever areas they choose to go, and to the development of successful adults. We believe that at its best, martial arts can be used in everyday life outside of the training floor, for far more than just defense.


Libre Fighting System

Libre isn’t about “dueling”; it is about “fighting”. Libre doesn’t try to pick an opponent apart; it is intended to rip them apart in the fastest and most violent ways at the practitioner’s disposal. That is where the term “Libre Fighting” comes from. It is, at its root, simply “fighting.”

Libre Fighting allows the practitioner a simple and direct path to cultivate a high degree of skill with the blade, without impeding ones creativity or freedom to explore alternate methods, while simultaneously providing the security and resources of a worldwide network of practitioners.

Libre Fighting is the result of many years of research and development, trial and error, testing and refining. It was, and continues to be, a grueling process of experimentation and filtration that requires a high degree of intellectual honesty.

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